Who is Behind?


Amar Banerjee, Founder and Head Photographer.

Being an IT Engineer and Technical trainer for 8 long years, professional photography career seems out of the box for me. But, introducing myself a passionate candid wedding photographer gives me more pleasure and happiness. I am a certified professional wedding and portrait photographer. I love every bit of my work and do it with my full energy and passion.

Working with a different couple and different people always gives you a lifetime experience and making them happy with my work is priceless happiness for me. I keep on learning and experimenting with my photographic skills on regular basis. Candid photography, innovative pre-wedding photography, baby photography, event photography are the thing where I am the best fit. I am an extrovert and friendly person who can gel up with any person at any age. I feel it is very important to gel up with the couple to get their best Wedding and pre-wedding photographs.


If you like what you see, let's work together.