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Some important Wedding Photography moments you just can’t miss

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Candid wedding photography

With the change in technology, the way of approach towards wedding photography has changed. Nowadays people look for more than normal group picture or stereotype portrait photos, they want a picture which has more details on it and which looks more realistic. But an Indian wedding has a lot of rituals and moments to capture, […]

Some important Bengali wedding rituals

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Wedding rituals

Just like every other Hindu weddings, Bengali weddings are more or less similar. But there is a certain important ritual in the Bengali culture that you just can’t afford to miss. So here are some of the rituals – Gaye Holud – Gaye holud is basically the Bengali version of Haldi ceremony. During Gaye holud […]

Some necessary things to say to your wedding photographer

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Candid and Ritual Wedding photo.

Everyone in this world love perfection in what we do, similarly when it comes in a time of the wedding, we all want to do our best to make the occasion a successful one. So the album that captures the best moments during wedding must have perfection in it. But your wedding photographer and his […]

Top 5 global destinations for pre-wedding shoot

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The demand for pre-wedding shoots is high nowadays, not only because it is a trend but also it captures the bride and groom’s precious moments before their marriage. As because it’s like once in a lifetime, so choosing a perfect location for the background is necessary. So here are five romantic locations from all over […]

Wedding Day photography must traditional shots for Bride

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Bride shoot

A wedding is very important for the new bride for which she must be dreaming for years and getting proper photo shots in her wedding days is a great requirement and hiring skillful photographers are highly demanded. Bridal shoot and traditional photography as important as Candid moment photography. Team Atlantis Photography have different packages for a different […]

Tips for better photography in natural light

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Natural light photography

The basic steps required for some good photography is color, lighting effects in the background of the photo shots. To make the photo shoot more effective on the background scenario plays a very important role as well as the lighting effects while taking shots. Remember that “Artificial lightings can be effective one but natural lights […]

Pre-Wedding photography and photo shoot ideas By Atlantis Photography

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Pre Wedding photo shoot

When the question arises regarding pre-wedding photo shoots, it is primarily based on you and your life partner’s choices and opinions regarding the photo shoot -ideas, creativeness, quirky and funny one as per your reviews. To add more colors and ideas let our photographers come to share their views in order to make the pre-wedding […]

Candid photography or traditional photography, which one is better

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Wedding Candid

The wedding is precious in everybody’s life. To keep updated records about his or her wedding ceremonies (which acts as golden memorial throughout our life which we may show to our next generations) candid wedding photography is the best choice to capture the wonderful moments of the newly wedded couples lifetime. In the present day […]

Props and pose for your Wedding photo shoot

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Wedding Candid

Socially as well as traditionally, marriage period is one of the most memorable moments in life.  To go for making proper planning about number of guests to be invited, printing of the invitation cards to other activities like arrangement of proper ceremonial halls and arrangement of foods and drinks to be served the wedding photo […]

Five must use the outdoor locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Kolkata

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pre wedding

Since a wedding is a lifetime non-forgettable event in which the pre-wedding shoot is one of the most important and exciting parts of a marriage ceremony.   What is the important aspect of the pre-wedding photo shoot?   Suppose you or some of your nearby contact is getting married very soon, there arises need to […]