Use the Camera You already have

You might already have countless cameras, lenses, and other accessories on the market today. We spend a lot of time reviewing them at photography life, some are indeed better than the other accessorizes. We have the different are almost always minor, especially at a given price so we can use the camera we already have and don’t look other back. We have too much more important skills and knowledge about camera settings. Focus our effort on those or note collecting cameras equipment.


Pay the attention to the light

A most important part of photography of light. If we take a photo with good light, we have taken a huge step toward getting a good picture.


We don’t use overexpose highlight

we are picking our camera setting, it is critical to avoid overexposing in the photos. Because it’s simply impossible to recover ant detail from the white area of the picture. It’s pretty easy to keep are highlight intact but this is possible only where shutter speed, aperture, and iso are important. We can use iso base value (usually iso 100.)


Know about when we use a flash

are not mean that like a dark room or dark in the environment. It doesn’t mean – they are great if we need some extra colorful light. We know the amazing quality of the event’s photos, for the easiest way to get good results or photos.


Don’t use a cheap filter

is the second easiest way to get blurry photos 100% of the time to use a cheap filter on the front of the lens. This is the way of a good clear filter from the film cameras. In this way, we fit the lens perfectly and get a result of standards and beautiful blurry photos.



 Why Wedding Photography Can Be A Challenge

Wedding photography is different from other categories of photography. Usually, weddings are a one-time event, so there is very little room for error. The first challenge you will face is dealing with the bride and families of the couple, as it can be very stressful. Another challenge is time. Most weddings are short, some only a few hours long, and you have to capture every moment. Since there are no do-overs, you have to be extra diligent.

 Group shots

In wedding photography, everyone wants to have a portrait with the couple. It’s better to shoot in groups. When shooting groups, it can be a big issue if someone blinks or becomes unfocused. That’s why it’s helpful to take lots of extra shots, so you can choose the best picture for every group.


 Best wedding photography is always making your wedding more special

At the wedding, Photography cool ideas are making amazing wedding photographs. The most important things are wedding photographer are good understanding between photographers and clients is the key to best wedding portraits.

 Best wedding photography Pre-plan the shoot is important for us

For the best wedding photographs take an additional photo for the bride and groom in a different attractive location. Choose the poses they want for their wedding photography and add then to the contract.

 Capture the first shoots

Even though every photo is a memory forever, you should ask the couple about any special moments which they want to be captured for a lifetime. These moments are the first dance, first look, etc. We recommend you to plan the time for these very first moments with the couple, so you can capture the best shots in the right order. You should plan the entry of the couple in the church/garden. Photos for the entry of the couple should be taken from different angles.

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