You may be attracted to lovely designs and exotic places when you think of fashion photoshoots. While you’ll see this and the enchanting feeling of style, you’ll also be treated to a photoblog complete of practical data and tips to profit from any photography. Look behind the scenes at her job, her travel journal, and technical advice. Learn how to discover customers, get shoots ready, attain your brand, and more. Amazing photography is a reminder that the glamor world is a lot of hard work.

1. Clothing and costume

Choosing the right clothes for your portrait is a critical factor in preparing for a good portrait. It could readily become a diversion if the clothing is noticeable or overbearing in a portrait. The ultimate objective is clothing that does not draw attention to itself. It could be the distinction between a portrait that is very effective and just another one. Before I take your portraits,  you may be asked to change your clothing selection if you don’t follow these fundamental rules.

 2. Setting up Lights

Light is one of the most important factors of any kind of photography. If you are shooting indoor fashion photography in a studio, you have ample option to set-up different lights for your photo. But, if you are doing outdoor there is only one main source of light that’s sunlight. You can use a secondary source such as reflector, or strobe light to use sunlight more effectively.

3. Take a deep look at the background

Background always plays a vital role in setting beauty in your subject. If you choose to shoot outside i is always better to choose nice soothing background which contrasts your subject. If you are doing indoor take time to arrange your background. Sometimes, it may be a linear color background, some time may be vivid. It’s all good as long as it is going well with


4. Posture of Model

There are 100 different posture for a male and female model to appear themselves before the lens. You can take a look from the book of model posture to identify and guide your model for the right posture. It is not that difficult, reference always helps the photographer to capture a better picture.


5. Composition

Rule of composition in photography is key for better photography.

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