Curiosity, they say, is our second nature. The most common question I face from amateurs and learners alike is probably “What’s inside your camera bag?” or  “Which camera do you use?” and I believe all my fellow photographers will agree to this.  Notwithstanding the fact that a photographer’s vision and imagination is his/her biggest skill, one must give due credit to the fact that the better and state of the art the gadgets are, the better the photos turn out to be. Hence, having a good camera with supporting lenses and accessories at your disposal is almost imperative for your success as a photographer.

When it comes to Wedding Photography, and that too in India, one must realize that it is generally a week-long affair and involves a lot of travel and hence I have narrowed down to a minimalistic list of gadgets that fit inside my bag easily and allow me to tread lightly. Moreover, for destination shoots like Pre Wedding or Post Wedding assignments, the more compact your bag is, the more comfortable you are during the shoot. Considering all these aspects, let’s take a sneak peek inside my camera bag.


Bag – While choosing a good Camera Bag, one must look for an ergonomic design with a sturdy yet light build to provide that extra protection for those expensive gadgets. I chose a LowePro Camera Bag because it has all the features mentioned and is reasonably priced.

Camera – This is where it all comes down to, the showstopper literally. My primary camera is a Canon 80D with a Sony a7 mirror-less one for the secondary shoots or B-Rolls.

Tripod/Monopod – A sturdy yet light tripod makes life way lot easier for a photographer. I use a Manfrotto Compact Light Al Tripod with Ball head & a Digitech Monopod

Lenses – Having an array of lenses for every aspect of photography adds an additional feather to the cap, but when it comes to ease of use, shortlisting the correct lenses into your bag is of utmost importance. I use a Canon 10-18 mm EF & a Canon 24 mm prime for wide-angle shots and a Canon 50 mm prime for those mesmerizing portraits.  Sony 24-105 mm kit lens is generally used for cinematic videos.

Flashes and Other Accessories – No matter how good a photographer you are, if the lighting conditions are not optimal, you will never get the desired results. For those crisp and perfectly exposed images, I use Godox Thinklite TT685, Godox Octa Soft Box Light Diffuser,  Porta Light & a Godox X1 Trigger

Storage Cards – The more memory cards you have, the safer you feel. I always carry 64GB x 3 SD Cards

Other Accessories – All the above accessories are complemented by 12 pieces of rechargeable batteries.

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