The wedding is precious in everybody’s life. To keep updated records about his or her wedding ceremonies (which acts as golden memorial throughout our life which we may show to our next generations) candid wedding photography is the best choice to capture the wonderful moments of the newly wedded couples lifetime.

In the present day when still photography is generally being replaced by the digital photo shoot and videography of the married couples, marriage party, and related other incidences etc.

It can be quite fun and exciting to take candid photos. It can be rewarding as well. However, there is a downside too. For the one taking the photo, it can be irritating and even annoying when the subject looks at the camera or is aware of it, Candid photography can be easy as well. For instance, the next time you go out with your friends, take a camera with you and try to take pictures of them when they are looking. Tell them beforehand that you shall be clicking, but don’t tell them during shooting them. The subject needs to be made at ease. Make them talk about the things they like, or let them do the things they like. This shall make everything natural.

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