Since a wedding is a lifetime non-forgettable event in which the pre-wedding shoot is one of the most important and exciting parts of a marriage ceremony.


What is the important aspect of the pre-wedding photo shoot?


Suppose you or some of your nearby contact is getting married very soon, there arises need to go for proper planning for marketing, arrangement for marriage halls or venues (presently renting large banquet halls of star hotels, resorts for the purpose of marriages or receptions is mostly favorable one).

Depending on the capacity of the expenses, it may be borne by the parties. There are numerous favorable spots all over Kolkata to serve the purpose.

Rating from Grand Hall of Hyatt Regency, ITC Sonar Bangla, Hotel Grand Oberoi, Taj groups, Great Eastern to venues such as Haldiram shopping complex, Inox Forum or related other departmental stores provides banquets for related other ceremonial houses that are most notable one to be taken for the pre-wedding purpose all over Kolkata city.


In order to capture the memorable incidences of the wedding hall being booked, gifts wrapped, gatherings of the family members, foods and drinks arrangement made by the particular catering service agency, number of guests attending the party as well as the proper lightings and decorations, furniture and fixtures etc the arrangement for pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the most important part.


Some of the out-door beautiful places in Kolkata for pre-wedding photoshoot

Princep Ghat is one of the south after location in Kolkata for a pre-wedding shoot. Many couples opt for this place as it has a great scenic background for a romantic pre-wedding photo shoot. It has a very romantic view at stair of Ganga Ghat with Vivekananda Setu at the background. Also, white pillars at the entrance can use dramatically for creating nice couple shoot or candid couple shoot. You can also take a boat from Ganga Ghat to create beautiful moments on the boat at the river.

Maidan can be your another option for great pre-wedding location at Kolkata. It has its own scenic beauty, you will get a vast open ground with greeneries which can serve as nice background. Also, you will get our great heritage tram and tram lines to add extra flavor to your background.

Eco Park near Newtown is another sought-after place for a nice pre-wedding photoshoot. You will ample of different backgrounds with different colors which are enough to fulfill your pre-wedding photoshoot goal.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari, I have no doubt about this place which can be used for traditional Bengali pre-wedding photoshoot. It is a very popular place in Central Kolkata very near to Central metro station. It is the birthplace of Rabindra Nath Tagore, as it is a Jomidar bari (House of Jamindar) it has the beauty of a traditional affluent Bengali house.

Victoria Palace is another very good option for pre-wedding photoshoot location in Kolkata. It is very near to Princep ghat and Maidan. You can avail the metro to reach this place, Rabindra Sadan is the nearest metro station. You will get the Great Victoria Palace for your background of the pre-wedding couples.

Present-day online social media like Facebook pages, Instagram etc., are most useful for putting the marriage ceremony photo pictures for everyone to view.

Kumartuli Ghat is a place belonging to north Kolkata. You will get a different kind of background and props for your pre-wedding shoot. The attractive part of this location is the boat and the Ganga river.

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Few recently discovered cool places for pre-wedding in Kolkata

Kafe’ Ekanta: Have you ever tried to drip into the beauty of Kafe’ Ekanta (Backside of Eco Park)? It is a perfect place for a romantic pre-wedding shoot. So, newly added into the list is a must place for a pre-wedding couple.

Prewedding at Kafe Ekante

Prewedding at Kafe Ekante

Newtown: Another beautiful place and perfect for pre-wedding is green-field and roads in Newtown near 12 no. tank. As there are zero distractions and completely secluded places you can do lots of experiments with green background and clean roads (very hard to find in Kolkata).

pre-wedding at Newtown Kolkata

Pre-Wedding at Newtown






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