When the question arises regarding pre-wedding photo shoots, it is primarily based on you and your life partner’s choices and opinions regarding the photo shoot -ideas, creativeness, quirky and funny one as per your reviews. To add more colors and ideas let our photographers come to share their views in order to make the pre-wedding photo shots more fantabulous.

Here are lists of few ideas our concern generally shares with the clients regarding the moments of the pre-wedding photo shots and sharing:

Imitate certain poses, facial expressions and body languages of your favorite movie stars. Pick up in your mind some mushy-mushy movie scenes, the leading film stars dialogues and romantic scenes etc and recreate them in your own term adding some spices in it the whole photo shoot will depict some great funny moments In your lifetime.

Miniature type photography often helpful one since it makes the couple looks very funny and the props used in shots helps in transformation of the photo shots in some unique one.

For your pre-wedding, please refer our gallery and packages for pre-wedding


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