Socially as well as traditionally, marriage period is one of the most memorable moments in life.  To go for making proper planning about number of guests to be invited, printing of the invitation cards to other activities like arrangement of proper ceremonial halls and arrangement of foods and drinks to be served the wedding photo shoot is to be taken care about since it acts as important track records about the arrangements, partying and other small or big activities like gifts purchased, family gatherings and the enjoyments etc.
After all, these serve as a memento in future which the future generations (children and grandchildren to be born later) can view and talk about.

Certain important notable incidence to be taken while getting the photo shoot which needs to be a unique one.

 The colorful as well as decorated 4 wheelers bearing the names of the couples to be married encrypted in a board will serve well if photos like boarding the car by the bride or groom or the couple inside is a unique one. Moreover, capturing a candid moment with different props give extra flavor to your wedding photo shoot.

Other than that there are several other props like color smoke which can add a sensationally colorful background for your photo. You can also get a pack of wedding props and craft on the online shop like Amazon or Flipkart. Colorful flowers, wedding rings etc can be also used as a very good wedding photo shoot props.

Apart from moving vehicles, the entrance hall of the marriage venue with names of the bride and the groom in a colorful decorated board or banner seems good enough in the photo. Creates a good impact on the psychology of the viewers even in later calendar dates.

Sitting on a two-wheeler and taking the photo shoot also serves to be a grand idea.

 Moreover the incidences of the bride and groom sitting beside the lighted pyre with the priests chanting slokas, blessings given by the elderly people, the reception hall where the newlywed one sitting together holding each other’s hands etc are most favorable incidence to be taken into photo (whether its still one or candid  no matter).

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