Just like every other Hindu weddings, Bengali weddings are more or less similar. But there is a certain important ritual in the Bengali culture that you just can’t afford to miss. So here are some of the rituals –

Gaye Holud – Gaye holud is basically the Bengali version of Haldi ceremony. During Gaye holud five or seven married women apply turmeric on the groom’s body and then the same turmeric paste is sent to the bride’s house to apply it on the bride’s body. The bride wears a new saree and covers herself with a gamchaa (a red and white colored cloth) and then the turmeric paste is applied to her.

Boron – In Bengali wedding, the groom and his family come to the bride’s place to marry her. When they arrive, the bride’s mother and her relatives welcome them with ‘Pradip’ (lamp) and a plate consists of paddy, oil etc. which is also known as ‘borondala’. And finally, sweets and water are given to the groom and their family.

Saat Paak – It is a ritual where the bride comes in front of the groom sitting on a wooden plank. The brothers of the bride carry the wooden plank in their hands and complete seven circles around the bride.

Subho Drishti and Mala Badal – In Bengali wedding the bride comes in front of the groom with betel leaves in her hand covering her face. After the completion of ‘saat paak’ the bride removes the betel leaves from her face and looks at her groom, this is known a ‘Subho Drishti’ and after that, they exchange their floral garland which is called the ‘Mala Badal’.

Sampradan – Sampradan is basically handing over the bride in the hands of the groom. This happens after the ‘Mala Badal’ where an elder family member of the bride ties the bride and grooms hand over a ‘ghot’ (Brass Pitcher) which consist of water and mango leaves.

Anjali – It is basically an offering made by the couple where the bride’s brother puts Khoi (puffed rice) in the hand of the bride and the groom holds her from behind and they both put the ‘Khoi’ into the fire.

Sindoor Daan – After all the rituals the bride and groom sit on their places and the groom puts ‘Sindoor’ on the bride’s head and finally the bride’s head gets covered by a new saree given by the Groom.

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