With the change in technology, the way of approach towards wedding photography has changed. Nowadays people look for more than normal group picture or stereotype portrait photos, they want a picture which has more details on it and which looks more realistic. But an Indian wedding has a lot of rituals and moments to capture, so if you do want to capture some good moments in a big Indian wedding but you are confused about what to do? Well, then this content is all for you. Here are some important moments for you click –

1. The Bride’s Entry – One of the most beautiful moments of the wedding is when the bride comes to the venue of the wedding wearing her beautiful wedding dress under a chaadar, in the middle of her brothers. That is a perfect moment to click when she is walking to the mandap or she is carried by her brothers in a wooden plank called ‘piri’.

2. The Exchange Of Garlands – Another important moment of Indian Wedding is the time when the bride and groom exchange their long garland with each other. It is a perfect time to take a shot when they both take out their garland and place it in his/her partner’s neck. You will get a chance to click romantic candid shots at that time.

3. The Bride & The Groom’s Apparel – On the eve of their wedding, every bride and groom looks the best with all kinds of jewelry and traditional dress. So It is Important to click every minute detail of them like how did they looked, what dress and ornaments they wore etc.

4. Group photos with family, siblings, and guests – Now the traditional but an important part of wedding photography is group photos with all the people came to attend the wedding because it’s a moment they will cherish for their lifetime.

5. ‘Sindur Daan’ & ‘Vidaai’ – ‘Sindur Daan’ is the most important part of any Indian Wedding. It generally marks the completion of marriage, and that the girl is married is reflected. During Sindur Daan the groom takes a little bit of sindur in his hand and puts it in the bride’s head and then the bride’s head gets covered by a new saree. And Vidaai is part where the bride leaves her family as he becomes part of the groom’s family, though it’s a very tough moment for the family, it’s a moment worth capturing.

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