Everyone in this world love perfection in what we do, similarly when it comes in a time of the wedding,
we all want to do our best to make the occasion a successful one. So the album that captures the best
moments during wedding must have perfection in it. But your wedding photographer and his team are
not always aware of everything or every shot you want. So here are certain necessary things you
should say to your photographer before they click.


The Rituals – It is necessary to make your photographer aware of what type of rituals do you have
beforehand because it gives your photographer an idea about what to do regarding angles or lighting.
Sometimes if there is a long list of rituals they might have to pack one or two extra pack batteries for
their camera or light. So you must notify your photographer about the rituals so he/she can pack his/her
gear as per your requirements.

Types of shot you want – You should have a thought regarding how your wedding photo album should
be. So you must tell your photographer what type of shots you want or give him a list of it. You can also
ask him to shoot any special moment where there is some sort of surprise or where there is any special

An idea of a good location – If your wedding venue has a special location where you like to shoot. Like if
there is a small bridge over a pond or a swing or if there is a beautiful tree where you would love to get
clicked, then you should tell that your photographer so he can click here.

A dress code for them – You definitely don’t want your photographer and his team to come to the
wedding wearing inappropriate dresses like shorts or something like that. So you should tell your
photographer to maintain a dress code which will be suitable enough for the program. As because they
will stand out of the crowd with their cameras. So you have to make sure that they dress properly.

Any details in the picture? – When a person arranges everything for their wedding, you usually
spend a lot of money behind dresses or any décor or any jewelry. So if you don’t want your
photographer to miss that details for your album, ask them to shoot the details and make your wedding
album a colorful one.



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