With a change in course of time, new trends made their place in big Indian Weddings gradually
making it more beautiful and more enjoyable. Injecting new trends to the wedding also gives it
a modern look, and along with the modern look and the ritualistic retro touch, the wedding
becomes a grand success. So here are some of the new trends that made it way to the big fat.

Indian Weddings –

1) Destination Wedding – Destination wedding is not the latest trend but surely one of the
modern trends injected to Indian Weddings. In destination wedding generally two parties (bride
and groom’s) book a venue away from their respective hometowns (sometimes maybe abroad)
and complete their wedding at the venue booked. All close relatives and friends thereby get
invited to attend the wedding.

2) The Décor – Decorating your wedding venue is much important if you want your wedding to
be trendy. Nowadays people all around the globe love different forms of dangling décor at their
wedding. Using different flowers and mixing them up with small colorful lights makes your
venue look more beautiful.

3) Pre-Wedding Shoot – Just like destination wedding pre-wedding shoot is not the latest trend
but surely a modern trend in Indian Wedding. The pre-wedding shoot is all about shooting the
bride and groom’s precious moments just before their marriage. Some choose good places in
the country but some prefer to step outside the country to different beautiful locations around
the world, to take their pre-wedding to the next level.

4) Touch of art in Mehndi – Without Mehndi, the bride’s look is basically incomplete. Every
The bride loves to embellish herself with beautiful Mehndi on her hand and her legs. This Mehndi
trend has become so much popular that nowadays it has become a part of the ceremony
though. So having beautiful artistic designs in Mehndi is a big trend nowadays.

5) Having some pictures with the Bridesmaid – Photoshoot with the bridesmaid is truly one of
the latest trends in the Indian wedding. Just like the family members of the bride, the
bridesmaid also gives their hundred percent to make their friend look good for her wedding. So
some good candid pictures (either in the group or just duo with the bride) of the bride with her
friends is really necessary and trendy too.

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