A wedding is very important for the new bride for which she must be dreaming for years and getting proper photo shots in her wedding days is a great requirement and hiring skillful photographers are highly demanded. Bridal shoot and traditional photography as important as Candid moment photography. Team Atlantis Photography have different packages for a different occasion.

Through many years of experience, our cameramen are expert professionals having all the detailed knowledge about the rightful moment, situation and process. Covering every important aspect of getting oneself prepare for a wedding is not easy but indeed stressful and time took one. Taking bridal photo shots may not be easy task and indeed a  long time process ranging from Haldi application on the body, her makeups (all sorts of cosmetic items, applying of Mehendi to selection of the  jewelers sets to wear) apart from dressing up in the bridal apparels and finally moving to the stage sitting beside the groom and then followed enchanting the mantras and similar other sacred rituals etc.

Finally the painful moment of ‘Bidai ceremony’ the sorrowful bride is ready to leave her parental place and to move in a new family it is the body languages, sad facial expressions of the bride and her parents with tears giving blessings to their daughter bidding farewell is indeed painful one for our cameraman too and he has to intake all these in his lens.

As it may sound here in the background but in real practice, the photo shots is not easy. But our expert photographers team experienced in taking such photo shoots are always available and having no botherations regarding How much time it may require to capture in the lenses the entire process of Bride getting ready to reach the wedding venues and other background images covered inside the photographers are ready to take up the task.

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