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Fashion photography is a type of photography that mainly deals with displaying of any clothing or any other fashion items. Generally, it is conducted for some advertisement of any magazine that deals with fashion or any clothing brand, Jewelry brand and so on. Fashion photography has also a major impact on social networking sites, where people love to post photos and all. And sometimes it also acts as a tool of promotion for a social networking page or a company.

Here at Atlantis Photography, we provide with the best fashion photography service. So if you are looking for a decent fashion portfolio, well Atlantis Photography is just the best choice. Here we not only provide professional Photographers but also makeup artist assistance, we even provide up to 5 different dress and looks, best quality photos and professionally edited photos. We do provide with both outdoor and studio set. So don't just think to contact us Atlantis Photography to know more.

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Some important Bengali wedding rituals

May 13, 2019
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Wedding rituals

Just like every other Hindu weddings, Bengali weddings are more or less similar. But there is a certain important ritual in the Bengali culture that you just can’t afford to miss. So here are some of the rituals – Gaye Holud – Gaye holud is basically the Bengali version of Haldi ceremony. During Gaye holud […]

Some necessary things to say to your wedding photographer

April 14, 2019
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Candid and Ritual Wedding photo.

Everyone in this world love perfection in what we do, similarly when it comes in a time of the wedding, we all want to do our best to make the occasion a successful one. So the album that captures the best moments during wedding must have perfection in it. But your wedding photographer and his […]

Top 5 global destinations for pre-wedding shoot

April 12, 2019
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The demand for pre-wedding shoots is high nowadays, not only because it is a trend but also it captures the bride and groom’s precious moments before their marriage. As because it’s like once in a lifetime, so choosing a perfect location for the background is necessary. So here are five romantic locations from all over […]

Wedding Day photography must traditional shots for Bride

March 20, 2019
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Bride shoot

A wedding is very important for the new bride for which she must be dreaming for years and getting proper photo shots in her wedding days is a great requirement and hiring skillful photographers are highly demanded. Bridal shoot and traditional photography as important as Candid moment photography. Team Atlantis Photography have different packages for a different […]

Tips for better photography in natural light

March 1, 2019
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Natural light photography

The basic steps required for some good photography is color, lighting effects in the background of the photo shots. To make the photo shoot more effective on the background scenario plays a very important role as well as the lighting effects while taking shots. Remember that “Artificial lightings can be effective one but natural lights […]

Pre-Wedding photography and photo shoot ideas By Atlantis Photography

February 3, 2019
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Pre Wedding photo shoot

When the question arises regarding pre-wedding photo shoots, it is primarily based on you and your life partner’s choices and opinions regarding the photo shoot -ideas, creativeness, quirky and funny one as per your reviews. To add more colors and ideas let our photographers come to share their views in order to make the pre-wedding […]